New Piece – A Classic SMB Boo

I was recently commissioned to do a plaque of a classis Super Mario Bros. Boo. It’s the perfect sprite to work on in October. This is actually a revisiting of a sprite I did several years ago. When I heard that my wife’s best friend planned on displaying him in her office, I couldn’t say no. The gallery below shows afew snapshots of the painting process for this piece from raw wooden shape to nearly completed. Once I paint in the black pixels, he will be ready for varnish.

Fun Nintendo fact – the Boo sprite that I’m using for this piece isn’t from a standard Mario side scroller. He’s actually a tile sprite from Gamefreak’s 1991 NES puzzle game Yoshi, which is also called Mario & Yoshi in some territories. That game is a favorite of mine from childhood, and I have used it for several other wooden sprites in the past.

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