Introducing Sprite Boards

I’m happy to announce a new type of fun pixel craft from yours truly – Sprite Boards. Much like my Wooden Pixel Sprites, Sprite Boards will feature colorful characters from your favorite classic video games rendered vibrantly, by hand, with high-grade acrylic paints. Unlike some other pixel paintings made by other artists, these pieces are made on unique all-wood frameboards instead of a traditional stretched canvas. Once painted and varnished, the sprites will not only feel substantial, but they will take on an appearance almost like a glazed tile. The initial batch will feature smaller characters on 8″x8″ boards, but there’s plenty of room for larger sizes if the first run is received well.

What’s happeneing to Wooden Pixel Sprites?

Unfortunately my Wooden Pixel Sprites are being retired. They were beautiful, and I truly enjoyed making them; however, they simply were not sustainable. Each sprite took hours to build, sand, and prime before they could even be painted, and the wooden cubes used to make them were very expensive. As a result, I could only make afew pieces per year, and I had to charge a price for them that nobody was willing to pay. People loved to look at the images that I posted, but few were willing to make a purchase. The hobby became too costly. I still have afew more sprites either complete or in the works to share, but once they are done, that line is ending.

What can you expect from Sprite Boards?

Sprite Boards represent some of the best aspects of my Wooden Pixel Sprites mixed with some compromises that will allow me to product pieces quickly, and for much less money. Why is this good for you guys? Easy! Not only will I be able to generally make more sprites, more frequently, for you to enjoy checking out on my sites, but the price tags for these new pieces will be much easier to stomach. It’s a win-win. Yes, Sprite Boards will lack the unique character silhouettes that made my Wooden Pixel Sprites special, but I can assure you that everything else that made them worth loving will be front and center – crisp, clean lines & corners, bright popping colors, and a long-lasting professional finish. I’ll pour my heart into these boards – garaunteed.

I hope that I’ve done a good job of explaining my new line of pixel art paintings. I’m looking forward to sharing the progress on my first piece with all of you early this week.

If you have any questions, or comments, don’t be afraid to give me a shout in the comments section.

Best wishes,







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