Little Zero Two

I really enjoyed watching Darling in the Franxx this season, despite all the flak it got. My favorite parts of the show were the flashback scenes, so this week’s sketchbook scan is a #drawing I did of Zero Two as a child. I love that lil’ monster.


  1. Oh, you did watch it? Cool. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, I’m waiting for the nonsensical Hot Takes (something-something alt-right propaganda) to die down a bit so I can watch it with true “beginner’s mind”.


    1. I did watch it – despite my disdain for watching shows as they air. I generally don’t mess around when Studio Trigger is involved. It’s worth your time. Cute, sweet, alittle tragic, and beautifully rendered. The critics aren’t wrong about there being an overall “message” to the show about heteronormativity. But there’s so much else to enjoy that that one aspect isn’t worthwhile enough to let it derail an otherwise fine piece of animation.

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