About the Artist

Hi, my name is Chris Caskie. I’m an artist, a writer, and a lifelong fan of video games & animation. I like to use my art to conjure up warm, fuzzy memories of lazy Saturday mornings filled with Transformers reruns and Nintendo marathon sessions.

MrGilderPixels evolved slowly from a series of online handles that I’ve used across social media and various gallery sites (I’ve gone by mrgilder online for many years). As I continued to post images and share online, and my exploration of various artistic media expanded, I realized that I had a cohesive brand identity that was united by a love for not only character design and classic video game pixel art, but for a general aesthetic defined by bold lines, bright colors, and big personality – MrGilderPixels was born!

This website is a place for me share my work, show my progress on new pieces, and brag about completed projects. I encourage you to check out each separate page to see the different types of art that I like to explore. Whether you’re a fan of oldschool video game pixel art, an aficionado of more traditional illustration and character design, or you are curious about my hand-built and painted wooden pixel sprites, I’m sure that I have something on display that will make you smile.